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Bang Na Thai -Kitchen 


ฺBang Na Story


                 In the past and present, Bang Na is the name of a road area called "Bang Na Trat". Which is in the district of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and also There are many people who used “Bang Na” for the name of the village, hospital or school until it became widely known and known to this day.  Until now, Bangna is the place that is very popular among foreigners and Thai people because there are many markets and little restaurant or street food that are interesting and maintain the authentic Thai culture to be seen and ready to welcome to all people to come and try food in each region that has many different flavors that are fascinating. Whether it's desserts and different kinds of food that you have never tasted before and there are so many beautiful places that tourists love to take beautiful pictures or the food that is really fantastic homemade by the Thai people.

                  However, This is what we want and love to do and would like to share with all the people to see and try our food. We have 10 years of experience in Thai-food and want to present to people the knowledge of Thai food, therefore we came up with the idea that we want to have Bangna in the Billerica to present each type of food that there are many the most popular and most valuable that we think these dishes are really popular in Bangna. That's why we named it “Bang Na Thai-kitchen” to let people know about Bangna's food that is like being in a real Bangna in Thailand.


Bang Na Signature !!

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